Stage #1

We will meet you for an on-site consultation where you will inform us of your intention for your garden. Should you not have any ideas, don’t stress – this is why you called us. We then conduct a survey of your space in order to produce scale drawings for presentation purposes. We may need to arrange for a separate meeting for this, depending on the size of the space.


Stage #2


We meet again within a few working days and present you with a concept plan for your new outdoor space. Cost for concept plans begins at R1000 but this becomes refundable should the works go ahead and we are appointed as the main contractor for the job. . We will provide you with an all inclusive quote at the same time. Should you require planting plans and working drawings these too can be provided. If you have trouble interpreting a 2 -dimensional plan that’s ok, we can produce artistic representations as well.


Stage #3


Once the quote has been accepted and agreed upon, a deposit is paid and we will begin installation on an agreed date. The balance for the job is payable upon completion of works; or if staged works are agreed upon; to prior commencement at the completion of each stage.

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