Summer Lawn Care

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Make sure your grass is getting at least 15 mins of water/ day early morning or evening in the heat of summer, and if the wind is really up you could do 20 mins .

For a quick boost you can use your 7:1:3 fertilizer-nourishing not only the leaves of the lawn but stimulating roots too. This is perfect if you have guests arriving in a day or two and want to put on a show but it only sustains for about a month  and requires vast amounts of water when applied. For a more sustained feed use gentle organics which your local gardens centre will advise you on, normally consisting of chicken manure. This will give you lawn a natural slow release feed that does not require as much water which means burning your lawn is close to immpossible.

To treat the weeds use a selective herbicide, which if you take a sample into your nearest garden centre they should be able to prescribe you with correct product. In most cases a broad spectrum  broad leafed selective herbicide will be prescribed, but take in a sample just to be sure. Once you have cover sprayed the weeds its best to spike roll the lawn to help absorption of any nourishment you wish to apply. You do this either by taking a garden fork or spike roller and piercing the surface at 30cm depths over the entire suface area of the lawn. Next to fill the dead gaps, apply a lawn dressing available in cubic loads or bags and spread it evenly over the surface of the lawn with a plastic rake making sure the blades of the existing lawn are still showing. In the case of bags 1x 30DM bag should cover about 3 square meters.

You can then feed the lawn as discussed earlier and follow this by a good deep soaking, generally about 30mins/area. Follow a strict watering program for the next week and this should revive most lawns to allow cutting the following week.

Look out for over watering by spotting the appearance of fungi in the form of mushrooms in the lawn. If your lawn is too thick and you can’t run the mower over it without leaving brown scraggly patches in places you may need to rip the lawn. For more advice on this process you can contact me at as this is a slightly more complex process.

For any other queries don’t hesitate to call or email Wayne at the contact details available on the site and I will do my best to assist you. Remember a picture paints a thousand words.

Thanks again and enjoy! Your garden, it should bring you boundless pleasure… never pain.


Wayne Doucha

Oasis Design
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